Ball Press Machine

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The ball press machine is specially designed according to th characteristics of coal powder, mining powder, gypsum powder and other materials, which specially used in refractory, metallury, mining, coal, abrasive, fertilizer, ceramics industry to produce kindle carbon, mining and gypsum ball briquettes.

The feeding materials of ball press machine can be coal, charcoal, iron, coke, aluminum powder, iron oxide skinn, toner, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, magnesium powder, cryolite powder, copper powder, chromium ore powder and other hard presing materials.

The roller of the ball press machine is made from 65Mn steel with good wear resistance which improved the lige of the roller.



Model Roller Diameter Power Capacity Weight
TL-T290 290mm 5.5kw 1-2t/h 750kg
TL-T360 360mm 7.5kw 3-5t/h 1.5ton
TL-T400 400mm 15kw 6-8t/h 2.7ton
TL-T500 500mm 22kw 9-10t/h 4.2ton
TL-T650 650mm 30kw 15t/h 5.7ton
TL-T750 750mm 55kw 20t/h 9ton
TL-T800 800mm 75kw 30t/h 11ton