What binder/chemical substance need to be added when charcoal powder forming?

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What kind of binder need to be added when charcoal powder forming? Cuz the charcoal powder has no adhesiveness so it to be mixed a certain percentage chemical substance when making charcoal briquette. While the binder has so many kinds, for making it no smoke, no poisonous, no taste when people using. It need to be mixed the new type charcoal powder binder, which is studied several years by Telon industry and trade company. The detailed formula need to open the website of http://www.telonmachine.com/en or http://www.telonmachinery.com

The following are examples of charcoal powder binder: (It is no certain that this kind of binder is fit for everyone use, cuz the charcoal powder is different in every place)

The charcoal product does not come off after using this binder, and it has a certain hardness, and short time to light, no smoke, no taste when burning and will not outfire midway, and can burn overall automatically. And the charcoal products will be formed in various shape, this binder will be use in charcoal products in large quantity. The ratio of chemical substance is: charcoal powder 64.5%, 10water 25.8%, four glue 9.7%, 1.5combustion improver.

1.  putting water as fixed ratio into mixer and stiring with the some weighed binder, after stiring it will be the glue as standby application.

2. add the charcoal powder into the prepared equipment based on the fixed ratio, and add fit oxidizer(if the product is not used for BBQ charcoal not need to add), pour the glue into charcoal powder and stir.

3. It will be in next molding process, when holding the charcoal powder undispersed.

4. Taking out the evenly charcoal powder, after through the forming equipment, it will be made into various shapes of charcoal, then dry it.